Hibiscus Grom Squad


Who it’s for: Beginner and intermediate kids ages 5-9
Time available: Weekdays / 4:00pm-5:00pmDuration: 1 hour per session over a 5 week period   
Our Micro Grom program aims to equip kids with the knowledge and skills on how to surf safely, while having the most fun in the ocean.  Within the Micro Grom program, children are able to make new friends who share the same passion for surfing encouraging health, confidence and self-belief   
The program is available during Terms 1, 2 and 4; your kids can join our Surfing New Zealand accredited Junior Surfer Program, with our highly experienced and friendly coaches.Hibiscus believes that through patience and fun, children have the greatest opportunity to be successful. 
 Expect to have lots of fun and catch lots of waves!

Article added: Thursday 24 August 2023


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