School Lunches

Our school has been part of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako healthy school lunches programme since 2020, The aim of the programme is to provide access to a nutritious, healthy lunch every day to every student.The name Ka Ora, Ka Ako is about being healthy and well in order to be in a good place to learn.

Lunches must be healthy and nutritious based on the Ministry of Health guidelines for schools,This includes offering food from the 4 main food groups,

*Veg and fruit

*Breads and cereals

*Milk and milk products

*Lean meats, chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Our lunch supplier is obligated to meet all Food Act 2014 requirements and also fulfil Health and Safety requirements.

Using feedback from our students we work closely with our suppliers to create a menu that is enjoyed by most.

Our children are encouraged to eat the lunch provided, however, parents who want to supply their children with lunch can continue to do so.

Some students may require a special lunch for medical reasons eg,allergies, food intolerances, religious reasons, if this is the case for your child please let us know.

For more information about nutrition requirements for our lunch programme check out the website below


If you have any questions,feedback please contact Diane (our lunch coordinator) by email or by ringing the school office on 5753497.

Article added: Wednesday 06 April 2022


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