Kia ora whānau

 With the Prime Ministers announcement earlier this week about scrapping the Covid Protection Framework, it looks like Covid and its impact on our day to day lives is on its way to being confined to history.

Such a good feeling to be on the other side! Of course in the following months we will continue to see the effects of three disrupted years BUT having the uncertainty lifted is just so good!

I'd like to thank my team here, who have been solid, supportive and committed through lockdowns, bubble school, mandates, cancelled events,  Covid spikes,  lack of staff and at times lack of a class. And thank you to you whānau who have been there right here beside us. 

As we start the rebuilding, knowing the ground is unlikely to shift under us I am feeling so lucky to be part of such a special community!

Our thoughts and aroha are with the Royal Family as they have to navigate the loss of a loved one, manage huge protocol expectations and be in the public spotlight.  I am sure you aware New Zealand will commemorate the Queen on Monday 26 September, through a one off public holiday called Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day. This does mean school will be closed on this day.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - It's Māori Language week.  It is a privilege to see and be part of a strong resurgence of Te Reo Māori. It's been lovely to see our tamariki celebrate this week, take a look in the News and Events for a highlights reel.

Cohort Entry: We have had 100% positive feedback during our Cohort Entry consultation process. We will be adopting a Cohort Entry Policy at the beginning of Term 1 2022. The information is still below, this has the entry dates. We will update our policies to reflect this change early next term.

Ngā Mihi

Shelley Blakey

Cohort Entry Information

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  • Uniform Donations
  • Upcoming Events
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  • Extra-Curriculars @ Arataki
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ATK All Day, Every Day

Whānau, we are so pleased to see the sun starting to warm up and shine more. With this we are happy to be seeing our tamariki at school more often as those winter bugs are slowly waning, I know you all must be glad for this as well.

Attending school is about more than just, reading, writing and math.  It’s about learning valuable life skills, developing a strong work ethic and becoming a valuable member of the community.

Next week we will be sending out attendance emails to the whānau of tamaiti that are attending below the expectations of the Ministry of Education.  These letters are sent every six weeks to keep whānau informed and to offer support for whānau if needed.

For more information on attendance please click the link below.

ATK. All Day, Every Day! - Attendance Booklet

News and Events

From the Sports Desk

Uniform Donations

Summer is coming so if you are in need of a pōtae for your tamariki we have some pre-loveds in the office for you.

We also have a good supply of skorts for the warmer months.

Have your tamariki grown out of their uniforms?

Please consider donating them back to the kura.  These uniform donations are :

  • sold to our whanau for donations of $5-$10. The money raised is used for resources that support the learning of our tamariki. 
  • used for our tamariki who may need them.

These donations are gratefully received at the school office.

Upcoming Events


26 September - School closed for Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day

30 September - Last Day of Term

17 October - Term 4 Begins

19-21 October - Noho Marae - Y4-6 Kopukairoa

29 October - Pasifika in the Bay Festival, Jubilee Park, Te Puke.

14 November - Teachers Only Day

Click here for 2022 Term Dates

Reporting an Absence

Does your child need to stay home today?

To let us know about any absences, please:

Call our absence line (07) 575 3497 select option 1.

Text 022 565 0021.


Complete our online form

Please include your:

  • child's name,
  • room number, 
  • how long they will be away and the
  • reason for your child's absence. 

Extra Curriculars 

@ Arataki

After School Care/Program

Holiday Programs

Community Notices