Kia ora whānau

Welcome to mid-term… I know it feels like we just started the term and here we are just over mid way.

As we continue to plan for 2023, larger and long term projects are also starting to be planned for. Some of the bigger projects that we are planning for are 

  • Upgrading our courts. It was disappointing the way in which the Ministry of Education ‘reinstated’ our courts. This is a major project that will run into the tens of thousands and one that we will need to fund ourselves through grants and fundraising. However, we can not leave them in the current state. I am in the process of pricing options, looking at either relaying completely or installing astroturf.
  • Our physical environment. This includes entry way to our school and visual representation of the land on which we stand, our rich history and our local stories. If you or someone you know has artist talent to help us bring some of these projects to life please get in touch!

There were a a couple of other ‘dreams’ that whānau and tamariki shared with us that I'd like to acknowledge and share the discussion and actions that have occurred in these spaces.

  • Hall upgrade. This was looked into about 18 months ago and the advice we received was to increase the footprint would require significant engineering work, making what we could achieve minimal. What we are looking at now, is how to better utilise the space we have got.
  • Heating the pool: For the age of the students we have, if we heated the pool we would need to look at upgrading the changing rooms too, as you can imagine these are freezing in the winter months. We are fortunate that we have Baywave so close and are utilising their facilities and expertise!
  • Water park - we loved this idea, could be a great fundraiser for our courts :) This one probably won't make the priority list this time around, but love the creativity!

Cohort Entry: Just a reminder … we are currently in the consultation process to inform our decision to adopt Cohort Entry approach. Click the button below for more information and details on how to have your say.

Stay well and enjoy the start of Spring!

Ngā Mihi

Shelley Blakey

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News and Events

From the Sports Desk

Uniform Donations

Have your tamariki grown out of their uniforms?

Please consider donating them back to the kura.  These uniform donations are :

  • sold to our whanau for donations of $5-$10. The money raised is used for resources that support the learning of our tamariki. 
  • used for our tamariki who may need them.

These donations are gratefully received at the school office.

Upcoming Events


5 September - Art Gallery - Room 14, 15 and 20

6 September - Art Gallery - Room 21

15 September - Funky Fun Day - Mauao, Room 10 and Y5/6 Room 18

19-21 October - Noho Marae - Y4-6 Kopukairoa

29 October - Pasifika in the Bay Festival, Jubilee Park, Te Puke.

14 November - Teachers Only Day

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Reporting an Absence

Does your child need to stay home today?

To let us know about any absences, please:

Call our absence line (07) 575 3497 select option 1.

Text 022 565 0021.


Complete our online form

Please include your:

  • child's name,
  • room number, 
  • how long they will be away and the
  • reason for your child's absence. 

Please read the booklet link below for all things attendance.

ATK. All Day, Every Day! - Attendance Booklet

Extra Curriculars 

@ Arataki

After School Care/Program

Community Notices